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                                                                 Post 381
                                                                   Monday, February 18, 2013

American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:30pm at Denny’s Place,
15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                                          Visitors:
              Ronald Fisher                                                                           Casey Fisher
              Henry C. Turner, Jr.                                                          
              Denny Lavelle                                                             Membership Approved Excused Absences:
              Erle Ross                                                                                   Bryan Hoover
              Chris Marshall                                                                           Jeremy Foster
              Dan Dorrance                                                                            William Gash
              Bill Bush                                                                                     Ian Young
              Pamela Neal-Robinson                                                                Felix Colaciello

Convocation from Post Chaplin Chris Marshall

Update on the organization of the Post 381 Auxiliary was presented by Casey Fisher. She asked for the
Post members to assist in recruiting.

Minutes from the December and January meetings were presented by Post Adjutant Erle Ross. He
clarified procedure that the proposed minutes will be posted online and printed copies will be available
before the meetings. It will be up to the members to read the minutes ahead of time and be prepared to
correct or approve at this point in the membership meetings.
               The minutes were approved as corrected and will be posted online.

Sick Call, relief, and employment
              Felix Colaciello’s son is in the hospital
              David Billings’ sister passed
              Henry Turner’s mother fell and broke her hip

Committee Reports
              Finance Committee report given by Bill Bush. Motion to accept this report was , seconded and approved.

Old Business:
              Ron Fisher reported that 10 people had paid so far to attend the National Commander’s Banquet
at Post 82 on March 9. More reservations will be accepted.
              Henry Turner reported that all DD214’s need for the charter members have been received and
verified. Next month the membership will consider Oliver, Glads and Harate for membership. Their DD-
214’s have been verified and dues paid.
              A safe deposit box to store the commander and adjutant’s DD214’s and other necessary
documents has been rented.
              Adopt-a-highway has been approved. Signs should be posted in about 3 weeks. It was moved,
seconded and approved to put Denny Place on the signs.
              Constitution and Bylaws were approved as amended.
              The proper use of the Post name was described. The American Legion, Warffemius-Seidler Post
381, Baden-Brandywine, MD is the full name. When using Warffemius-Seidler, it should always be
followed by either a comma, or move to the next line to use “Post 381”. When using the city pair
“Baden-Brandywine”, always included “Maryland” or “MD”.
              Ron’s Mobile gifted to the Post 2 years’ use of the Post web site and emails. Two new sponsors
were added to the Post web site.
              The corrected sponsorship letter from the NAACP was received.

New Business:
              Pamela Neal-Robinson was appointed to chair the Children and Youth Committee.
              Felix Colaciello and Denny Lavallee were added to the Finance Committee.
              Ron Fisher announced the Southern Maryland Oyster Bowl on February 23, and encouraged
everyone to attend.
              There will be a reception hosted by the Southern Maryland Division honoring past commanders.
Subject tabled.
               Denny announced he was having a special “ribs night” this Thursday, February 21. Profits will be
donated to the Post.
               Ron Fisher updated the process for the Post to have its own EIN, and that the Post will be a
501(c)(19) not-for-profit organization.
               All Charter Members who had not previously been sworn into The American Legion was sworn

Adjourn: Moved, Seconded and passed to adjourn.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be March 18, 2013, and 7:30pm, same location.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross                                                                                             Ronald Fisher
Adjutant                                                                                              Commander

Dec Min

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                                                          Post 381
                                                            Monday, December 17, 2012

The prospective charter meeting opened at 7:02pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road,
Brandywine, MD by acting Commander, Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                             Visitors:
              Bryan Hoover
              Ron Fisher                                                           
              Denny Lavelle
              Erle Ross
              Chris Marshall
              Dan Dorrance
              Bill Bush
              Jeremy Foster

Convocation from acting Chaplin, Chris Marshall

Minutes from the charter organization meeting was presented

Old Business:
              Regular/monthly meetings of the Post will be the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm.
              Adopt-a-Highway: Denny Lavallee will ensure 4 signs on Maryland Highway 381 are posted.
              Acting officer list was reviewed for submission to National for our charter.
              Post name: Bryan Hoover met with Seidler family. Recommends a single point-of-contact
                     between our Post and the families.
              Jeremy Foster met with Warffemius family. The son is honored and anxious to get involved with
                     the SAL.
              VFD: Bryan Hoover and Ron Fisher met with the Baden VFD for sponsorship.
              DD214: All the DD214’s for the charter members have been received and will be kept in a safe
                     deposit box.
              Officer Books: They’ll arrive in conjunction with the charter approval. Post copies will be signed
                     out when borrowed. All should be available online as a PDF.
              Legion tenants: Ron reiterated the 4 pillars of the Legion as the foundation of our Post.
              Charter Application: Ron provided copies of all the paperwork submitted for charter approval.
              Boy Scouts of America: Ron talked about sponsoring a local BSA troup.
              MD Department news: Tom Davis is stepping down from the state Adjutant position.
                            Requirements for Commander: a.) physically attend 10 meetings in the past year; b.)
                                    member of this Post at least 1 year.
                              Installation of Officers will take place 30 days after elections
                             Executive Committee will consist of 4 appointed and 1 elected members for 2 year
                             Adjutant is appointed by the Commander with no term limit. When a new Adjutant is
appointed, there will be a 60 overlap between the appointment of the new and release of the old
Adjutants for transfer of books and duties.

New Business:
              Ron distributed copies of Legion membership times to assist in recruiting.
              American Legion Riders (ALR): Dan Dorrance give ALR info to start a local club. Bill Gash
                    volunteered to assist.
              Sons of the American Legion (SAL): Bill Bush inquired to establishing a local SAL. Postponed.
              Membership applications: Still need a few charter members to complete theirs.
              Website needs: Fund raising, as we need $300 quickly for work already done for our website.
              Permanent Officer Installation:  When will it occur? No definite time given.
              Prospective & Transferring members: Dan said a committee has to meet with the prospective
member twice. Prospective members can meet with the current members at the dinner just prior to the
meeting, but doesn’t count as meeting with the committee.

Adjourn: Bill Bush moved to adjourn. Seconded.

Benediction given by Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be January 21, 2013, and 7:30pm, same location.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm .

Respectfully submitted;

/signed/                                                                            /signed/
Erle Ross                                                                        Ronald Fisher
Acting Adjutant                                                           Acting Commander

Jan Min

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                                                            Post 381
                                                                      Approved Minutes
                                                                 Monday, January 21, 2013

The installation of officers commenced at 7:30pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road,
Brandywine, MD by Southern Maryland District Commander Patricia McCoy.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                               Visitors:
              Pamela Neal-Robinson                                              Pat McCoy
              Bob Ross                                                                  Stan Shaw
              Bill Bush                                                                    Bill Rustmann
              Gary Wells                                                                Jim Corkery
              Ronald Fisher                                                            Tom Carlman
              Henry Turner                                                            Arlene Rustmann
              Dennis Lavallee                                                         Gary Gifford
              Jeremy Foster                                                           Winifred Turner
              William Gash                                                             Bernie Wooden
              Chris Marshall                                                          Todd Bohnemson
              Felix Colaciello                                                         Ellen Foster
              Daniel Dorrance                                                       Wendell Warffermius
                                                                                              Connie Boswell
                                                                                               Jaclyn Boswell

Convocation from Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Installation of officers

Meeting adjourned at 2005.

Respectfully submitted;

/signed/                                                                                  /signed/
Erle Ross, Adjutant                                                          Ronald F. Fisher, Commander
Post 381                                                                          Post 381

Sept Min

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                                                            Post 381
                                                         Official Minutes
                                                                    Organizational Meeting
                                                               Monday, September 17, 2012

The meeting was brought to order at 7:30 by Ron Fisher at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road,
Brandywine, Maryland. Ron presided over the meeting.

Those present were:      Jeremy Foster, Bryan Hoover, Felix Colaciello, Ronald Fisher, William Bush, Chris
Marshall, Erle Ross, Dennis Lavallee, Henry Turner.

Being the first organizational meeting, no opening or closing ceremonies were conducted.

Everyone was given the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Items that were discussed included:
     Regular meetings will be the 3rd Monday of each month at Denny’s Place at 7:30pm.
     The Post will look into adopting Highway 381.
     Officer requirements were discussed. Volunteers nominated themselves and those present elected
           them unanimous consent. These positions will be held until regular elections can be held. See the
           list at the end of these minutes.
     Naming of the Post
     Being adopted by the local volunteer fire department
     Getting American Legion officer books to the acting officers
     Get the American Legion by-laws to everyone on a .pdf via email to review
     Get a copy of everyone’s DD214
     Be certified by the Boys Scouts of America
     Complete the Charter paperwork processed through headquarters
     Elected officer requirements
           Have to attend 10 meetings in the past year
           Can be Commander only 2 years in a row.
           Have to be a member of the post at least one year before running for Commander
           Adjutant will overlap at least 60 days when a new Adjutant is appointed
           Post name cannot be changed without at least 8 charter members agreeing to it.
           A committee of 5 to consider transfers from other posts before being brought before the general
          Ideas on fund raising from Bryan Hoover
          Mr. Bush emphasized the need to complete the charter application before the New Year
              Mr. Lavallee gave a tour of his facilities and what would be made available to the new Post

Acting officers* list:
          Commander – Ron Fisher
          1st Vice Commander – Henry Turner
          2nd Vice Commander – Bryan Hoover
          3rd Vice Commander – Dennis Lavallee
          Judge Advocate – Jeremy Foster
          Sergeant-at-arms – Ian Young
          Chaplain – Chris Marshall
          Treasurer – William Gash
          Service Officer – Daniel Dorrance
          Historian – Felix Colaciello
          Adjutant - Erle Ross

*The Adjutant is an appointed position, and not considered an officer.

Meeting closed at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted;

/signed/                                                                                                /signed/
Erle Ross                                                                                              Ronald Fisher
Acting Adjutant                                                                                     Acting Commander