Monday, May 19, 2014

April 2014

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Post 381
April 21, 2014 

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:30 pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance or excused absences:                 Visitors:
Ron Fisher
Henry Turner
Chris Marshall
Dennis LaVallee
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Pamela Neal-Robinson
David Billings

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Minutes from the previous meeting was presented and approved.


The financial report was present by Finance Officer Pamela Neal-Robinson, which included
the final payment for repairs to the roof of Denny’s Place. MSP to accept the report.

Old Business:

1st Vice Commander Henry Turner advised Denny the Post’s website has PayPal and more
pictures of the Post and the members included. It’s urged of the members to provide Vice
Cmdr Turner or Cmdr Fisher pictures of members in uniform to post on the website in JPEG
files (not in pdf format).  The website was redesigned for the purpose of attracting new
viewer’s to support the Post through donations. Vice Cmdr Turner is challenging the Post
Members to maintain the website on a daily basis.

Commander Fisher reported that Ron’s Mobile Service donated $900 to the Post for website
maintenance. Cmdr Fisher advised that David Craig, Hartford County Executive, is working
with Denny on the taxes of Denny’s Place, to which there’s a big push by Cmdr Fisher to
spread the news about the Denny’s Golf Tournament in June. Noah’s Market has donated
ribs to Post 381 to be sold every Friday Night at Denny’s Place. Denny is taking donations of
items to be raffled.

On the purchasing of Denny’s Place, Cmdr Fisher advised that once Denny’s Place is bought
by Post 381, the Post would lose 200ft of the property; while meeting with Nikita, she
advised that only 2 acres of Denny’s property is commercial.
On Friday, April 18th, Councilman Mel Franklin of District Nine presented a letter of
endorsement of Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 and is very supportive in securing millions of
dollars to be put towards the development of Post 381. The audience in attendance for the
presentation consisted of Southern Maryland District 3rd Vice Commander Pat McCoy, Post
First Vice Cmdr Henry Turner, NAACP PG County Member Bob Ross, Warffemius family
members, Seidler family members, Command Sgt Major (Ret.) Pamela Robinson, Roussan
Ettiene (Founder of Zoe Foundation), Rich Dampen (Enterprise Rental Car Sponsor), Nakita
Reed (EnCore Design), Marc Tyler (Community Supervision Manager), Eric Bowman, Sidney
Harrison, Dewanna Knight (Girl Scout Troop Leader of Troop 6202), A1C Alicia Jones, Clinton
Cycle Representative Bill Gash, Southland Restoration Representative T.J. (last name
unknown), Post 381 Charter Members Steve Armstrong (Attorney at Law) and Dr. David
Billings, Cmdr. Fisher suggests that a letter of appreciation should be sent to the guests who
attended the ceremony.

In regards to the Golf Tournament Denny advised that the tournament needs sponsors and
players. Cmdr Fisher would like the Post to be able to contribute $6,000 via donations,
sponsorships, and revenue attributed to Post 381’s efforts. First Vice Cmdr Turner, urged for
the breakdown of the $6,000 figure to understand as to why the Post should be relegated to
such a large amount in one event considering Post 381 should only be contributing $1200 per
year to Denny for allowing the Post to operate at Denny’s place. According to Cmdr Fisher, if
the Post were to reach the goal of $6000, Denny’s chances of keeping Denny’s Place for the
sole purpose of selling to Post 381 is greater than if Denny is led to sell to another party, in
which case the potential of Post 381 losing out on investments already made to Denny’s
Place could be irreplaceable.  Dr. Billings added that there needs to be delineation between
the rent that The Post needs to pay to Denny and money raised by the Post during fundraiser
events such as the Golf Tournament. Finance Officer Pam Neal-Robinson reiterated that the
Post needs to vote on how Post 381 is to contribute in the fund raising for Denny’s Place and
itemizing where the funds would be going towards (i.e. Whether for the $6000 to Denny and
his taxes for Denny’s Place, or for Post 381’s expenditures throughout the year). Dr. Billings
furthered the point that the Post had an obligation to document what money was
contributed to Denny “The Owner/Organizer” of the Golf Tournament on behalf of the Post
meanwhile being accountable for the funds received for the Post based on compensation of
services rendered by Post members including Denny “Member of Post 381”. Dr. Billings
followed with the importance of the Fundraising Committee to discuss terms of agreement
as it relates to the financial distributions of money raised at the Golf Tournament between
the Post and Denny. Therefore Pam and Denny will discuss the terms of how funds will be
distributed between Denny and Post 381 on April 22 at 1500hrs, thus being ratified by the
Executive Committee. MSP.

New Business:

In regards to the possible sites of Post 381, First Vice Cmdr Turner will be meeting with
EnCore Design group on a weekly basis to discuss means of financial support from public and
private groups, as well as designs of what the Post would like to have in the new edifice. The
next meeting will take place on April 25 at 1300hrs.

Adjourn:   MSP to adjourn.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be Monday, May 19, at 7:30pm, Post 381 HQ at Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross                                                                                              Ronald F. Fisher

Post 381 Adjutant                                                                            Post 381 Commander