Monday, January 16, 2017

DEC 2016 mins

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Post 381
December 19, 2016

The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:48 pm
at Post HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance or excused absences:                                       Visitors:
Ron Fisher                                                                                         PGCC Cmdr John McGee
Henry Turner
Bryan Hover
Tyrone Eugene
Erle Ross
Jeremy Foster
Pamela Neal-Robinson
Chris Marshall
Daniel Dorrance
Felix Colaciello
Marrie Nunn
Sherry Miller

Invocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Prince George's County Council Commander John McGee was introduced. PGCC Cmdr McGee had just completed the annual Post Inspection. He thanked Post Cmdr Ron Fisher for presenting all the items he was looking for and his inspection report will be forwarded within a week. He asked about our membership renewals, to which Cmdr Fisher explained that we have many membership renewals ready to be sent to the Department and Adjutant Erle Ross will be mailing them the following day.

Minutes from the previous meeting was presented and approved as modified.

Reports: Finance Report was given by Judge Advocate Jeremy Foster. MSP to approve.

Chaplain's Report included the passing of Post member Bill Bush. Chaplain Chris Marshall circulated a sympathy card for the members to sign, and Chap. Marshall will send to the Bush family.

Wilmer's Park Committee Report was given by Third Vice Commander Tyrone Eugene. He indicated there was little change from last month's report, which is that the process is still moving forward.

Old Business:

New Business: JA Foster is attending college and is active in the College of Southern Maryland's Student Veteran's Organization (SVO). He has met several veteran's and anticipates at least a couple students will join Post 381.

Adj Ross asked about the ramifications to the Post and member if a Post member were to donate a sailboat to the Post. Cmdr Fisher will contact the Post CPA on this matter.

JA Foster responded to a question about VA benefits and Vocational Rehabilitation for recently discharged vets to attend college and receive these benefits.

Adjourn: MSP to adjourn.

Benediction was given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be Monday, January 17, 2017, at 7:30pm, at Post 381 HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, Maryland.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross                                                          Ronald F. Fisher

Post 381 Adjutant                                            Post 381 Commander