Monday, November 6, 2017

October 2017 mins

Post 381 
October 16, 2017 (approved) 

The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 membership meeting was conducted at 
Post HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron 

A quorum being met by the following 
members in attendance or excused absences:                 Visitors: 
Ron Fisher                                                                                PGCC Cmdr Steven Brennen 
Henry Turner 
Tyrone Eugene 
Chris Marshall 
Jeremy Foster 
Erle Ross 
Pamela Neal-Robinson 
John Krupp 
Noah Call-Boyce 
Jacob Chapman 
Marrie Nunn 
Cheraunda Nunn 

Prince George’s County Council (PGCC) Commander Steven Brennen arrived before the official start time of the Membership Meeting. Adjutant Ross took PGCC Cmdr Brennen on a walking tour of the center area of Wilmer’s Park. After returning to the meeting room, and completing the annual inspection, the meeting was underway without a clear start time. As the annual inspection proceeded, PGCC Cmdr Brennen explained specific line items and answered related questions by Post members 

Minutes from the previous meeting was presented and approved. 

Reports: The Financial Report was given by Post Cmdr Fisher. MSP to approve. 

Wilmer’s Park: Cmdr Fisher reported that the Post will have permission from Maryland-Capital Park and Planning Commission (P&P) to conduct so-called Turkey Shoots (target shooting open to the public often used as a fund-raiser). 

Post 381 Annex: Vice Commander Henry Turner gave an update on the Post 381 Annex to be built at the Marlton Golf Course. The latest plans will be forwarded to the Post membership for any last-minute design changes. 

Correspondence: Cmdr Fisher received a letter from Leah Williams, an attorney in the Governor’s office, who wrote a letter to Cmdr Fisher concerning their support of Post 381’s desire to acquire Wilmer’s Park. 

Good of the Post: Cmdr Fisher passed to the Post information on family and friends who are ill, undergoing medical procedures and have passed away. 

Old Business:  

New Business: PGCC Cmdr Brennen suggested that Post 381 give an report to the PGCC at its next meeting relative to the Post’s request from two years ago to acquire Wilmer’s Park. VCmdr Turner agreed to make this report. 

Adjourn: MSP to adjourn. 

Benediction was given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall. 

Next meeting will be Monday, November 19, 2017, at 7:30pm, at Post 381 HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, Maryland. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:33pm. 

Respectfully submitted; 

Erle Ross                         Ronald F. Fisher 
Post 381 Adjutant         Post 381 Commander