Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nov 2016 min

Post 381 
Date November 21, 2016 

The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:30 pm 
at Post HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron 

A quorum being met by the following 
members in attendance or excused absences:                 Visitors: 
Ronald Fisher                        Robert Bowman 
Henry Turner                        Bill Bush 
Tyrone Eugene                     Fred Harley 
Jeremy Foster                       Brian Hover 
Chris Marshall                       Alicia Jones 
Daniel Dorrance                   Cheraunda Nunn 
Felix Colaciello                      Darrell Oliver 
Marrie Nunn                         Bob Ross 
Sherry Miller                         Jennifer Syler 
Erle Ross                                Gary Wells 
Aaron Ajani                           Ian Young 
David Billings                         

Invocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall 

Minutes from the previous meeting was presented and approved. 

Reports: Financial Report presented by Cmdr Ron Fisher. MSP. 

Commander’s Report: Prince George’s County Commander John McGee postponed his inspection of the Post until December. 
Ron Fisher, Tyrone Eugene, Henry Turner, Reggie Pearman and their wives, Pam Neal-Robinson & daughter, and Sherry Miller attended the Prince George’s County NAACP “Ho-Down” on October 28, 2016. 
Cmdr Fisher spent $150 from Post petty cash for Reggie Pearman and wife could attend. MSP to approve this expenditure. 
Cmdr Fisher won a silent auction of an overnight stay at National Harbor and will give it to a member of the Post. 

Chaplains Report: Post member Darryl Morgan’s father passed away. Post member Bill Bush has stage 4 cancer. 

Wilmer’s Park Report: Cmdr Fisher met with Prince George’s Parks and Planning Department (P&P) on October 28. Prince George’s County Councilmember Mel Franklin Emceed that meeting. 
On November 1, 2016, Cmdr Ron Fisher and 3rd Vice Commander Tyrone Eugene walked around Wilmer’s Park with Department of Parks and Recreation Director, Ronnie Gathers. 
A draft of a short-term lease has been written by 3rd Vice Commander Tyrone Eugene and Cmdr Fisher. 
3rd V Cmdr Eugene gave additional details of the walk through and that he reviewed the short-term lease draft with P&P Senior Planner Don Herring. 

New Business: Post financial advisor Joshua Wynne is hosting an open house at his office in North Beach, MD. All Post members are invited. 

Adjourn: MSP to adjourn. 

Benediction was given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall. 

Next meeting will be Monday, December 19, at 7:30pm, at Post 381 HQ, 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, Maryland. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:04pm. 

Respectfully submitted; 

Erle Ross                                             Ronald F. Fisher 
Post 381 Adjutant                            Post 381 Commander