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Post 381
Proposed Minutes
November 18, 2013

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:34 pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance or excused absence: Visitors:
Ron Fisher
Henry Turner
Dan Dorrance
Chris Marshall
Dennis Lavallee
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Felix Colaciello
Chris Tress
Pamela Neal-Robinson
Ian Young

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

MSP to approve the minutes from October 21 (See Post web site).

Committee Reports:

MSP to accept the Financial Report given by Jeremy Foster.

Sick Call/Chaplains Report:

Member Bill Bush is in the process of moving to his new home and was unable to attend the meeting.

Post Historian Felix Colaciello was attending to his wife, who is recovering from hip surgery.

Renovation Committee: Encore representative, Nakita Reed is continuing to work with chairman Dr.
Billings regarding renovations; Executive Committee lead, Henry Turner, will need candidates to assist
with the progression of the Post’s development and meetings with Ms. Reed to ensure contractors are
held accountable for actions rendered.

Acquisition Committee: The Dr. Dobson estate is willing to donate land or building in some form or
fashion. However, continuing conversations between Post 381 attorney, Steve Armstrong, and Dr.
Dobson’s estate attorneys are still in negotiations. Mr. Turner will continue to be the point of contact for
Mr. Armstrong.

Old Business:

Post 381 Cmdr Fisher summarized District Commander Gary Gifford’s comments from Post 381’s Oct
Meeting in which there was a misunderstanding of Cmdr Gifford’s intentions at the Post and the current
activities of Post 381 as it correlates to the mission of the American Legion from a national perspective.
The misunderstanding occurred when Cmdr Fisher addressed Cmdr Gifford at the beginning of the Oct
meeting with Cmdr Gifford declining to comment and at the end of the meeting. Cmdr Gifford
requested a few minutes during the reflections of “The Good of the American Legion” which continued
past the time the meeting was intended to close.  Service Officer Dan Dorrance motioned for permission
to leave the meeting as it was getting late. Meanwhile Cmdr. Gifford was still speaking at the time as
Dan was approaching the American flag to dismiss himself from the meeting at which point Cmdr.
Gifford addressed Dan regarding the Auxiliary and male spouses of service women who are unable to
participate.  The discussion became intense which led to discussions of perceived lack of recruitment
and infringement of local posts territory for Post 381 fundraising; prompting Dan’s request to be
removed from the meeting; and upon approval, Dan left the premises while Cmdr Gifford was still
providing explanation of the American Legion’s national point of view of the issues and the status quo of
American Legion Posts within the state of Maryland.

After the Oct Meeting, Cmdr Gifford apologized for approaching Post 381 in a position that was
perceived as belittling of Post Members as it was not his intentions to do so. Furthermore, Cmdr Fisher
received phone calls on how the meeting was closed to which Cmdr Fisher had to make amends for
actions which appeared to be disrespectful to Cmdr Gifford.

As a result of this incident, Mr. Turner suggested that a letter be drafted to National, which would also
be disseminated to the American Legion Posts of Maryland, stating Post 381’s mission as a “Global
Outreach Post” interacting and recruiting veterans throughout the world. This way, Maryland Posts
would have the opportunity to respond to the letter nationally. Cmdr Fisher advised he would prepare
the draft.

New Business:

Cmdr Fisher Requested Jeremy to review National bylaws to ensure that Post 381 is not violating any
regulations when it comes to Post 381 recruiting/fundraising activities in the areas of other posts
without their consent or knowledge; regardless of State bylaws.

Cmdr Fisher has passed the test for the Boy Scouts of America and is awaiting response from new
leadership to partner with Post 381 in community service efforts.

Cmdr Fisher received the new Commercial Driver’s License endorsement for Veterans. Cmdr Fisher
requested that the steps to obtain the endorsement through the DMV be posted on Post 381’s website
as it could potentially bring veterans with driving experience in the military an avenue to obtain
employment.  The endorsed paperwork would be presented to the DMV, and recent military driving
certifications would be added to a veterans Maryland driver’s license, without the veteran needing to
take additional tests. Another requirement is the veterans  DD-214 have an honorable discharge and
code of RE-1 making the person eligible to drive if reinstated.

Cmdr Fisher’s sister, Jeanine, has created a sign for Post 381 to be placed on Denny’s Property. It was
recommended that her name and her company’s name are listed as a sponsor on Post 381s website.

Cmdr Fisher requested an official letter from Col. Wooden of the National Guard Youth Challenge camp
that Pam is associated with, as to whether or not they would like Post 381s support with mentors. Cmdr
Fisher is currently awaiting a response.

For the Good to the American Legion:

Sergeant-at-Arms Ian Young would like to provide Post 381 contact information and images to the VA
Representative at the College of Southern Maryland to display on the campus. Cmdr Fisher was pleased
with the request and advised Mr. Young to have the VA Rep contact himself so the exchange of
information could take place.

MSP to adjourn.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be December 16, at 7:30pm, at the local Post 381 HQ at Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant Post 381 Commander

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oct. Min


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Post 381
Proposed Minutes
October 21, 2013

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:30 pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance or excused absence:                                       Visitors:
Ron Fisher                                                                                  District Commander Gary Gifford
Henry Turner
Dan Dorrance
Chris Marshall
Dennis Lavallee
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Felix Colaciello
Christ Tress
Pamela Neal-Robinson
Ian Young

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Minutes from the previous meeting was presented and approved with corrections (see Post web site).

Financial Report MSP to table until the November meeting.

Renovation Committee: Nikita Reid of Encore Sustainable Designs inspected Denny’s Place;  Renovating
Denny’s Place could cost approximately $500K; however building a new, one-level, state of the art
infrastructure from the ground up (with a $20K buffer) would only cost the $380K (which includes the
renovated kitchen, keeping the American Legion separate from Denny’s Place). Currently the kitchen is
projected to be updated within the following weeks. Dr. Billings insisted that Mrs. Reid keep in contact
with the Renovation Committee (via email) so that plans, projections, and costs are well documented.

Old Business:
     Commander Fisher reported that the Adopt-A-Highway has been approved and a sign will be up
within the coming weeks.
     Post 381’s association with Boy Scouts of America has been put on hold due to the Boy Scouts in the
Brandywine area’s prior affiliation with Post 227.

New Business:
     Bob Ross, President of Prince George’s County of NAACP, is excited about the partnership between
the youth of the county and Post 381’s involvement with disabled veterans and promotion of assistance
to veterans related to Post 381’s website linked with the NAACP’s website.
     Commander Fisher introduced District Commander Gary Gifford as the discussion of the direction of
Post 381. Commander Gifford advised that numerous community service activities are great for the
Post; however more attention should be paid towards building up the number of members within the
     Dr. Billings inquired as to whether or not there was a list of veterans in the area that Post 381 could
ascertain. Cmdr. Gifford advised that has a list of active and inactive Legionnaires.
Ian wants to know if there’s a list of Vets who has separated from the forces and has not participated in
any Legion Post. Dr. Billings was aware of such a list but research was needed to obtain the source and
use of the list. Cmdr. Gifford followed up the conversation by suggesting Legionnaires could post up at
the commissary to inquire patrons of Legion affiliations (if any).
     Chaplain Marshall motioned to support Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church in their
endeavor to provide the homeless vets with toiletries and underwear. A collection box would be placed
in Denny’s Place for patrons to donate supplies. MSP
     Steve Armstrong has $700 to be put towards the rebuilding of Denny’s Place’s roof.
     Commander Fisher reached out to Sydney Harrison who is reaching out to contacts within real-estate
to help support Post 381 in Upper Marlboro.
     Post 381 has received permission to receive donations and recruit at the HH Gregg in Waldorf and
Noah’s grocery store in Clinton.
     Membership Committee is led by Mr. Turner who will be charged with recruiting along with the help of Dennis LaVellee and Bob Ross.
     Commander Fisher reminded Post 381 of being a recipient of a Commander’s coin when you sign up 3 new members to the post.
     Commander Fisher advised that there’s a competition for best designed website for American Legion
Posts with the grand prize offer of $4000 and Cmdr. Fisher would like Post 381 to enter into the
     The Post has received “The Cube” which is an apparatus for a smart phone that can swipe credit cards
for purchases and or donations.
     Question was posed to District Commander Gifford to see if Post 381 could intervene with the up and
coming Auxiliary who is not happy with the President of Auxiliary and the requirements to officially
become an official Auxiliary. Cmdr Gifford informed that the American Legion could not do much as far
as intervening within Auxiliary matters.
    District Commander Gifford was given the floor to discuss National American Legion issues. Cmdr
Gifford stressed the importance of retaining members and being vigilant with recruiting new members
especially members who are active duty. Cmdr Gifford forewarned Post 381 to be mindful of
membership renewal due dates for the purpose of being eligible for national awards.

MSP to adjourn.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be November 18, at 7:30pm, at Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross         Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant Post 381 Commander

Saturday, October 19, 2013


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                                                                      Post 381
                                                     Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                            September 16, 2013

          The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 membership meeting opened at
7:34pm at 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

          A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance and excused absences:                             Visitors:

Ron Fisher                                                                                  Casey Fisher
Henry Turner
Chris Tress
Pamela Neal-Robinson
Dan Dorrance
Chris Marshall
Denny Lavallee
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Felix Colaciello

Invocation was given by Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall.

            MSP to approve the minutes from August 19.

Committee Reports:
          Financial Report was given by Jeremy Foster, stating the Post deposited $260
($160 in checks and $100 in cash) for membership dues on Aug 19, bringing the
Posts total balance to $2500, and having everyone’s memberships dues paid in full.

Sick Call
          Dr. Billings was dealing with the passing of a family member.
          Post Historian Felix Colaciello’s wife is recovering from hip surgery.

Renovation Committee
          Dan Dorrance, Dr. Billings and Erle Ross met with Encore Sustainable Designs and
the following topics were addressed at the meeting:
-The main room of the Post would have an officer’s table and POW table/chair set aside
that could be visible during video conferencing.
-It was recommended that 35-45 chairs for membership and the necessary number of
narrow tables would suffice.
-A separate office for the commander and adjutant as well as smaller storage rooms was
-The Lounge should have easy type chairs (no sofas); big screen TV, a circular table for
card games, and a handicap accessible shower in bathroom was proposed.
-Discussed was also the capability to move the chairs from the main room and stacking
them so that cots can be placed for vets sleeping overnight.
-It was also discussed that a Handicap accessible elevator (which would be manually
operated on the side of Denny’s Place) would be added as well as a balcony on the
second floor in the back of Denny’s place, which would be the main entrance to the Post
(stairs leading up to the balcony would be included as well). Stairway from the kitchen
leading to the inside entrance to the post will not be open for use, as the doorway will
be locked and secured (from both sides), so that one point of entrance and exit is
established through the balcony.
-Upon review of the state of Denny’s bar area on the first floor, the decision was made
not to renovate the main floor of Denny’s Place as the Bar room and two bathrooms on
the floor was not handicap accessible and additional funds would be needed to
renovate the whole first floor to bring it up to code, if any upgrades were accomplished.
Furthermore, the committee decided that keeping the front of Denny’s place the same
would preserve the historical value of the Post.
-The Kitchen on bottom floor would be updated with the new Post equipment.
-A Storage shed to hold equipment of the Post would be placed in the back of Denny’s
-Renovating the grounds would include 4-5 RV pads.
-It was recommended that a portable 50-person Pavilion (approx 50 feet away from
Denny’s Place) would be used as a Banquet Hall to be used for birthday parties and
things like that; anything larger would require infrastructure to be a solid foundation.
-It was determined that re-facing Denny’s place would include either a “log cabin” look
or a stone face stucco which would mirror what buildings/offices in the area currently
look like.
-Central Air was recommended instead of window units which will bring AC to
-Videoconferencing and computer terminals were also addressed.
-A small refrigerator and microwave for snacks were also addressed.
          Cmdr Fisher advised that drawings will be created within the week to illustrate the
new look, and the funds for the projects would come from donations and grants;
          The roof is the only item of Denny’s place to which the Post was funding for repairs.
          Cmdr Fisher advised that Connie Boswell approved of the post to have
permits to shoot rounds at targets (“Turkey Shoots”) on the premises of the Post.

Outreach Program addressed by Pam Robinson-Neal:
-Cmdr Fisher briefed Post 381 on recent trips that he, Adjutant Erle Ross, and Service
Officer Dan Dorrance had visited Pam at Oak Hill in Laurel, MD. The Post was asked to
help clean up the facilities a couple of weeks ago, but logistics from the facility fell
through. The Post is requesting of volunteers to mentor the kids. Andrews AFB advised
they will have airmen available to assist.
          Pam advised that the students (between 13-18 yrs of age) come from within D.C.
who have dropped out of high school and are looking to obtain a GED along with a skill
or trade, and a plan for higher/learning to graduate from the program; funded by
Federal Grants and DC funds. Counselors/Teachers at the facility are certified. Mentors
are required to have a background check and go through training (approximately 72
          The initial Director of the Program who was talking with the Post through Pam is
possibly stepping down. Cmdr. Fisher is trying to get in touch with the interim
Director to reestablish a rapport so that Post 381 can be involved.

Old Business:
          Letter of Intent was signed and documented by 1st Vice Cmdr Turner;
          Submission of paperwork for Post 381 signs with Adopt-A-Highway is currently in
          The question of where the price of Denny’s Place ($390,000.00) was posed and 1st
Vice Cmdr Turner advised that was Denny’s asking price for Denny’s Place and the 5
acres of land that goes with it. After the Post renovates Denny’s place, if Denny decides
to sell to the Post, the Post has the option to buy at $390,000. If Denny were to sell
above the asking price of $390,000, a part of the profits equal to the amount of the
renovations will be given back to Post 381. If the property appraises for less than
$390,000, the post is not obligated to buy the property, however if the Post does decide
to purchase the property, regardless of the appraisal, Post 381 would still buy at asking
price of $390,000.

New Business:
          Raffle Tickets for 32” flat screen TV for Denny’s Golf Tournament are on sale for
-The Auxiliary (which was addressed by Casey Fisher) would be donating 4 dinners from
Schwans to be raffled away at the Golf Tourney as well.
-Noah’s Grocery donated $ 400 worth of food; Mama Mia $100 worth of food; Schwans
$200 worth of donations; Crystal Water is donating 10 cases of water – All for the
-Dr. Billings received a $700 donation from a contributor to the Golf Tournament.
-Commander distributed tickets to members to sell.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be Monday, October 21, at 7:30pm, at the Local Post 381 HQ at
Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle M. Ross                                                                                 Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant                                                                         Post 381 Commander

Monday, September 23, 2013


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                                                                  Post 381
                                                  Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                              August 19, 2013

          The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:37pm at 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

          A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance and excused absences:                             Visitors:

Ron Fisher
Henry Turner
Chris Tress
Pamela Neal-Robinson
Dan Dorrance
David Billings
Chris Marshall
Denny Lavallee
Jeremy Foster
Roger Telesford
Erle Ross
Bill Bush
Felix Colaciello
Ian Young
Convocation was given by Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall.

            MSP to approve the minutes from July 15.

Committee Reports:
          Financial Report was given by Cdr Fisher, stating the Financial Officer was
enroute but delayed in traffic.
          MSP to reimburse Cdr Fisher $226.00 to incorporate the Post with the State of
          MSP to correct the amount to reimburse Cdr to $262.00.
          Dr. Billings recommended having the Finance Officer or her designee give the
report, and not have an impromptu report. MSP to table the Financial Report until the
Financial Officer can personally present the Report.

Sick Call
          Post Historian Felix Colaciello’s son, Jimmy passed away last week. Please sign a
sympathy card before leaving.
          Felix’s wife just returned home from hip surgery.
          Post member Bill Bush’s wife is scheduled for a procedure on her legs which
could potentially lead to amputation.
          Cdr Fisher commended Post members Dan Dorrance, Chris Marshall, Erle Ross,
and Auxillary ( commander ) Casey Fisher for visiting Jimmy Colaciello and Karen
Colaciello during their recent hospital stays. During the visit, Dan and Ron presented
Jimmy with military coins, which were later buried with Jimmy. Cdr Fisher talked about
being with Jimmy when he passed, and how so many members reached out to the
          Cdr Fisher suggested we continue this outreach including visiting Mrs. Bush
when she returns from her surgery.

Executive Committee
          Cdr Fisher reported the previous Letter of Intent (LoI) was reject by Denny’s
Place owner, Denny Lavallee, and was rewritten and presented to the Post for review.
Denny suggested adding his commitment that if he sells the property to Post 381, the
selling price will be $390,000.00. MSP to accept his offer.
          Dr. Billings suggested the wording in point 3 of the LoI to read “…to the extent
the property appraises above $390,000.00”.
          Dr. Billings also recommend that a signee to the LoI should be the Adjutant, as
well as the Exploratory Committee Chairman; as well as the Post office Denny Lavallee
holds, along with his designation as owner of Denny’s Place.
          MSP to accept these recommendations and sign the LoI into effect.

Officer Reports:
          Commander Fisher reported the first phase of the Exploratory Committee is
complete, and they will continue to work on the Dr. Dobson property.
          Commander Fisher had established a “Renovation Committee” and asked Dr.
Billings to Chair, Dan Dorrance to be the assistant chair, and Jeremy Foster to be a
member of that committee, to which they all accepted. Third Vice-Commander Denny
Lavallee will serve as liaison between the committee and owner of Denny’s Place.
          The State Highway Department will print they Adopt-a-Highway sign anyway we
want it, and suggested it read:
                                                            The American Legion
                                                     Warffemius-Seidler Post 381
                                                        Located at Denny’s Place
MSP to accept this signage.
          Denny will get a call to have the parking lot renovated.
          In addition, the utility pole will be moved at no charge, but Denny will need to
show the utility department where to place it.
          Denny’s Golf Tournament; the Post will get food to cook during the event.

          Cdr Fisher directed the Adjutant to send the golf tournament information to
Department Assistant Adjutant for dissemination throughout the state.
          Adjutant Erle Ross distributed flyers concerning events taking place in other
Posts and the VA Clinic in Ft. Meade.

New Business:
          Adjutant Erle Ross presented 3 bills for payment; $60 for delegates at the recent
Convention; $50 for Prince George’s County Commission dues; $25 for Southern
Maryland District dues. MSP to pay all three bills.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be Monday, September 16, at 7:30pm, at the Local Post 381 HQ at
Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

 /signed/                                                                                                      /signed/
Erle M. Ross                                                                                               Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant                                                                                        Post 381 Commander

Saturday, September 7, 2013


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                                                                 Post 381
                                                    Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                               July 15, 2013

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened
at 7:20 pm at 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander
Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following members
in attendance and excused absences:                      Visitors:

Ron Fisher                                                           Roger Telesford
Henry Turner
Dan Dorrance
David Billings
Chris Marshall
Denny Lavallee
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Bill Bush
Felix Colaciello

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall.

Committee Reports:
     Henry Turner ran down the agenda for Jul 15 meeting which included the
discussion of Denny’s Place as an Annex for Post 381 while the location of the
“New Post 381” is in the developing phase. Mr. Turner also advised there will be
a discussion with Denny on July 16 regarding the Post’s obligations and future
partnership of using Denny’s Place.

Commander Fisher brought to the quorums attention the Minutes from June 17
minutes were confirmed to have been approved by quorum which was
seconded and approved by unanimous consent.

Officer Reports:
     Commander Fisher then proceeded to discuss the status of Bill Bush’s
participation with Post 381 and advised that all Treasury Responsibilities held
under Mr. Bush was removed and disseminated to Pamela Neal-Robinson;
however Mr. Bush was still considered to be a member until he returns to the
Post to officially resign from the post.
     Treasurer’s Report was given by Commander Fisher advising Post 381
received $150 in membership dues to date, and with $1800 being donated by Denny, the grand total of funds for Post 381 to $2,086.00.
     There was no Service Officer information to report

There were no Communications to report

Sick Call was given by Commander Fisher regarding Felix who was tending to his
Son, Jimmy; and Bill Bush was tending to his wife as she was going through
serious medical procedures.

Executive Committee Report was given by Henry Turner who advised a Letter of
Intent (LOI) was being drafted and presented to Denny on 16 July, based off of
July’s meeting and approval of members and would be later discussed in detail
during New Business.

Old Business:
Commander Fisher proceeded to discuss email traffic regarding Post 381’s
process in obtaining permits for the Adopt-A-Highway Program with DPAC to
post signs labeled with Post 381’s title and location. Charles Cruelin of the State
Dept. will have a discussion with Cmdr. Fisher on 19 Jul to have people come out
and patch up the roads in front of Post 381 and the relocation of the telephone
pole and electrical wiring. Commander Fisher advised he would pass along the
contact information of Denny with the State Department so that a discussions
and plan to fix the road in front of Denny’s Place and once this has been
accomplished, DPAC will provide Adopt-A-Highway Signs, which needed to be
voted on by members of Post 381 as to what the sign will actually display.
     Cmdr. Fisher requested members vote on the title:
                                              “Warffemius-Seidler Post 381
                                                             Denny’s Place”
     Henry Turner was concerned that Denny’s Place would be considered as an
annex instead of the Post because of the uncertainty of where Post will be
located at in the future.
     Mr. Dorrance and Dr. Billings agree that Danny’s Place should be on the sign
indicating that the post is “Located at Denny’s Place”.
     Mr. Turner then requested that members of the Post should vote on what
should be considered HQ for Post 381.
     Cmdr. Fisher agreed that the issue of the name on the Adopt-A-Highway sign
should be tabled until the August meeting so that the matter of Location of
Post 381 is solidified for a vote and THEN address the name which will be posted
on the Adopt-A-Highway sign. Cmdr Fisher further advised the Adopt-A-
Highway signs will be posted on Brandywine Heights Rd at no cost to the Post.
     The motion to Approve the Adopt-A-Highway sign posts was seconded.

Henry Turner began to discuss the future location of Post 381, which is currently
projected to be the Dobson Building located at the corner of Route 5 and
Brandywine Road. Post Attorney Steve Armstrong has received verbal intent
from the mother and sister of Dobson to donate to the Post. However, the
Dobson lawyers are reviewing legal avenues to accomplish the transfer and are
in talks with Steve Armstrong, thus giving Post 381 two locations to convene.
     Considering Post 381 is already using Denny’s Place, and it could take a
couple of years before Dobson’s Building will be ready for occupancy by Post
381. Therefore, Mr. Turner poses the question to the members: Should Denny’s
Place be HQ for Post 381 or should it be considered the Annex pre-construction
of the Dobson’s building or post-construction? Should we designate Denny’s
Place as HQ right now and then change it to the Annex when the Dobson
building is ready?
     Mr. Turner further advised that an architectural and construction firm is
working with Post 381 on diagrams and concepts to be implemented at Denny’s
Place and have found grants that can be attributed to the rehabilitation progress of Denny’s Place. It is suggested that Nakita Reed, who is head of the
architectural and construction firm be in contact the Post Adjutant to fill out the grants, but a vote by the members of the Post are needed on the location of
Post 381’s HQ.
     Mr. Dorrance suggested Denny’s place should be HQ to begin with and a
clause in the Post bi-laws to rename as Annex and at the very least have Officer
meetings held in Denny’s Place once a month.
     Mr. Billing suggested tabling the topic until Aug Meeting after discussion of
LOI with Denny’s Place has been solidified, to which Denny Lavellee concurs
with Dr. Billings as there needs to be legal documentation prior to any vote on
Post 381’s designation of HQ and grant submissions presented by third party
     Roger Telesford agreed with Dr. Billings and Denny.
     Cmdr. Fisher says that his goal is to have both Denny’s Place and the Dobson
property in Post 381’s possession and wants a vote which can be made by
phone to all members per documentation of the minutes.
     The tangibility of Danny’s Place as being the HQ for Post 381 is significant
because the Dobson’s building as the “New Post” is not guaranteed according to
Dr. Billings and reaffirmed by Mr. Dorrance and gained unanimous support from the members in attendance; Therefore Henry Turner motioned Denny’s Place
would be considered the Local Post for Post 381 meanwhile looking at future
location (be it the Dobson Building or another location unbeknownst to us at
this time) as the possibility of the National HQ for Post 381 which would be in
the vicinity of Prince George’s County, so Post 381 will maintain both facilities. This motion was seconded and passed (MSP) unanimously.

New Business:
Denny is running a golf tournament and is looking for Post 381 to sponsor and
volunteers from Post 381. Dr. Billings moved to sponsor Denny’s Golf
Tournament. MSP unanimously.
     Denny’s Breast Cancer Awareness Event Saturday, July 20, 2013, was brought
to the table. Dr. Billings suggested that the Entertainment Committee be kept
involved in all fund raising events such as Denny’s Breast Cancer Awareness
Event so that proper planning and notification to Post 381 Members can have
ample time and opportunity to participate and advertise such events. Cmdr.
Fisher agreed with Dr. Billings’ assessment and proposed that an exception
should be made for Denny’s upcoming events by conducting a phone/email vote
on the Awareness Event to be assisted by Post 381 volunteers as the events
would be taking place before the Aug Meeting. MSP.
     After the vote took place, a motion was made and carried to the August membership meeting to include this in bylaws.
     A motion was made by Dr. Billings and seconded to revise the bi-laws to create a standing committee called the Entertainment Committee, and said committee will be responsible to ensure appropriate dissemination of upcoming events and recruiting volunteers for same.
      Per bi-law requirements, this is the first reading of the motion. The second
reading and voting will occur during the August meeting.

     July 25, 2013 will be Ribs Night at Denny’s Place to raise money for the post.
Cmdr. Fisher urged members to assist Denny for the Rib Night.
     The Air Force Sergeant’s Association, representing Bollins AFB, Andrews AFB,
& the Pentagon with over 2000 members and VFW event was attended by Ron
Fisher, Erle Ross, Dan Dorrance, and Henry Turner. The AFSA has been eager
and willing to support the Post. They have a weekly periodical distributed to the
Airmen and want to mention our Post in the periodical. They’ve donated time
and efforts to fix Denny’s Place in the past and are eager to assist the Post in the
future and be Partners.  They’ve asked the Post 381 to participate in the
National Capital Regions Local Air Force Sergeant’s Association Top 3, Non
Commissioned Officer (NCO) Induction Ceremony, and donate $150. Mr.
Dorrance made a motion to donate $150 and MSP with no objections.
     Commander Fisher is adding Mr. Dorrance as an alternate to sign checks from
Post 381 to charitable events, in the case were Cmdr. Fisher and Pamela Neal-
Robinson are unable to sign for checks then Mr. Dorrance will be able to sign on
the Post’s behalf.
     No further New Business was addressed.

New Member Roger Telesford will be leaving for college in New York before the
August Meeting and will be participating in Post activities from afar.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be Monday, Aug 19, at 7:30pm, at the Local Post 381 HQ at
Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

/signed Erle M. Ross for                                                        /signed/
Chris Marshall                                                                      Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Chaplain, Adjutant pro-tem                                    Post 381 Commander

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                                                                Small color emblem
                                                                      Post 381
                                                      Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                                    June 17, 2013

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:40 pm at 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Judge Advocate
Jeremy Foster.

A quorum being met by the following members
in attendance and excused absences:                      Visitors:
Jeremy Foster
Erle Ross
Felix Colaciello
Bill Bush
Dan Dorrance
David Billings
Chris Marshall
Ron Fisher

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

The April and May membership minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

Financial Report:
     Bill Bush submitted his verbal resignation from Post 381 responsibilities.
     Bill Gash submitted his resignation from Treasurer/Financial Officer to Post
Commander Ron Fisher. Pamela Neal-Robinson has been appointed
Treasurer/Financial Officer to complete the current term by Commander Fisher.

     Exploratory – Dr. Billings reported on the latest information on Henry Turner
and Bill Bush’s work with the Dobson family on the Dr. Dobson property. 

Service Officer Dan Dorrance MSP to suspend all business until the next meeting
due to the small number of members present.

Sick Call;
     Chaplain Chris Marshall mentioned the continued medical care needed for
Felix Colaciella’s son, Peter;
     Commander Ron Fisher was unable to attend the meeting due to health

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be Monday, July 15, at 7:30pm, at the Posts’ normal location
at Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle M. Ross                                                                                   Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant                                                                         Post 381 Commander

Saturday, June 22, 2013


                                                                Small color emblem                                                          
                                                                     Post 381
                                                       Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                                   May 18, 2013

The American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 2:10
pm at 14313 Brandywine Heights Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron

A quorum being met by the following members
in attendance and excused absences:                               Visitors:
Ron Fisher                                                     Iva Armstrong            Wayne Wiggins, Sr
Henry Turner                                                 Ronald Dickens           Michael Herman
Erle Ross                                                       Ella Langley                Jackie Taylor
Jeremy Foster                                                Darrell Sanders           Raven Blache
Chris Marshall                                               Kevin Ayantan            Wraven Wiggins
Dan Dorrance                                                Tina Riley                   Wayne Wiggins, Jr
Gary Wells                                                     David Lumley             Connie Boswell
Robert Ross                                                   Todd Bahnemon          Jaclyn Boswell
Pamela Neal-Robinson                                    Percy Alston               Bill Simpson
Steve Armstrong                                              Grace Wallace            Annette Simpson

Convocation from Post Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Adjutant Erle Ross MSP that normal business be suspended and proceed directly to New

New Business:

Post Adjutant Erle Ross MSP to keep present officers in place until elections will take
place in May 2014.

First Vice Commander Henry Turner reported on The Exploratory Committee. The report
mentioned several possible land donations, but focused on about 7 acres at the corner
of Route 5 & Brandywine Road, formerly the Dr. Dobson clinic. Several people attending
gave presentations on different aspects of acquiring the property, zoning, funding,
construction and occupancy issues they will assist the Post in resolving. Pamela Neal-
Robinson talked with Mr. Dobson concerning facilities for children. Steve Armstrong
provided a brief biography of Dr. Dobson.

Post Commander Ron Fisher presented to Pamela Neal-Robinson the Commander’s
Coin; and to Steve Armstrong the Pioneer Award.

Post Commander Ron Fisher acknowledged several people who have contributed to the
post over the past several months:
Certificate of Participant to Chang Choi; Certificates of Appreciation to Xin Yi, Wayne
Wiggins, Schwann’s, Nakita Reed, Mike Herman, John Pescatello, HH Gregg Company,
and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Post Commander Ron Fisher MSP to have the charter members names be professionally
printed on the permanent charter parchment.

Post Commander Ron Fisher MSP to contract Tina Riley as Post CPA for $500 per year.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be Monday, June 17, at 7:30pm, at the Posts’ normal location at
Denny’s Place.

Meeting adjourned at 2:36pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle M. Ross                                                                                 Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant                                                                          Post 381 Commander

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


                                                               Small color emblem
                                                                    Post 381
                                                            Membership meeting
                                                          Monday, March 18, 2013

American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:34pm at
Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron

Members Present:                                                         Visitors:
Ron Fisher                                                        (none)
Henry Turner
Bryan Hoover                                                Membership Approved Excused Absences:
Denny Lavallee
Erle Ross
Jeremy Foster
Chris Marshall
Ian Young
Daniel Dorrance
David Billings

Convocation from Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Minutes from past minutes were posted online. Some items were discovered to be
missing from past minutes, and will be covered in New Business. A motion was made,
seconded and passed (MSP) to accept the minutes with necessary corrections.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Post Commander Ron Fisher due to the absence of all
members of the Finance Committee. MSP to accept the report.

Chaplain’s Report was given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall:

     I brought to the Post's attention that Marilyn Bland, a fellow member of Post 381 was sick
     and was unable to make the meeting. I also asked everyone to keep Post Members Felix
     Colaciello's son, Jimmy, in our prayers while he recovers from surgery and Mr. Henry Turner's
     Mother as she is recovering from injuries as well.

     We received a letter from Prince George’s County NAACP (click here to view), dated
January 30, 2013, to Post Commander, Warffemius-Seidler Post 381; I have friends, both
combatants and non-combatants who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as well
as physical injuries. We all remember the disregard for this nation’s Vietnam vets. Let’s
not sit by and watch our courageous men and women that fought or supported efforts in
Afghanistan and Iraq suffer the same fate or similar fate. It is a great pleasure that Prince
George’s County NAACP American branch unit 7023 has endorsed and will support
Warffemius-Seidler American Legion Post 381. Sincerely, Robert Ross, president Prince
George’s County NAACP.

It was MSP to suspend the normal order of business for the 2nd Commander’s Report.

2nd Commander’s Report:

     - Commander Fisher and I have issued letters of appreciation to the members of
       Andrews fire department for their volunteer efforts on the upstairs room.
     - Members of Andrews fire department came to the legion on March15th and worked
        to repair and secure the roof.
     - I am donating a PowMia flag to the legion.
     - I am also donating an American flag which has will be flown over the Capital which
       will be validated for authenticity with a certificate.
     - I will withdraw as 2nd vice commander because I am being discharging from the Air
       Force and relocating to Pittsburgh for work.
     - Commander Fisher has appointed Christopher Tress to succeed me. My replacement
       will need guidance but I will be passing off my number, officers manual, and email
       account information to him.

MSP to accept this report.

David Billings moved to thank 2nd Commander Hoover for this service in establishing the
Post and recruiting new members. Commander Fisher moved to amend to add a Letter of
Appreciation. MSP.

Commander Fisher reiterated his appointment of Christopher R. Tress as 2nd Vice
Commander of Post 381 in accordance with established bylaws.

Normal order of business resumed.

Membership: Prospective members presented last month were voted in at the Executive
Committee meeting.

Sick Call: Chaplain Chris Marshall sent cards for several members.
     Dr. Billings thanked Chaplain Marshall for remembering his sister.

Old Business: (none)

New Business:

     Commander Fisher established a Renovation Committee, with Ian Young as Chair,
and appointed Christopher Tress to the committee.
     Recent renovation of Post spaces in Denny’s Place has been overseen by Ron Fisher
and Bryan Hoover. Several local businesses including Home Depot and HH Gregg, and
local craftsmen have donated materials and time, and all have pledged to continue.

     Noah’s Market in Clinton has donated 800 pounds of ribs to be delivered to Denny’s
Place every other week. Proceeds to the Post will be used to purchase kitchen equipment
in Denny’s Place. MSP to accept these donations and use the proceeds to enhance the

     (A five minute recess took place.)

Commander Ron Fisher established an Exploratory Committee with 1st Vice Commander Turner as chair, with Dr. Billings on this committee.

     Post Commander Ron Fisher accepted the National Commander’s challenge to
support Operation Comfort Warriors for $120. Commander Fisher asked for members to
make donations to the Post equal to this amount.

     MSP to establish Unit 381 Auxiliary.

     At the National Commander’s Banquet at Post 82 in LaPlata on March 9, 2013, National Commander James Koutz formally presented the Temporary Charter certificate to the Post.

     MSP to table funding $150 per month telecommunications subscription until
renovations have been complete.

Benediction offered by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Post Commander adjourned the meeting at 9:13pm.

Respectfully Submitted;

Erle Ross                                                                             Ronald Fisher
Post Adjutant                                                                      Post Commander

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


                                          Small color emblem
                                                                 Post 381
                                                                   Monday, February 18, 2013

American Legion Warffemius-Seider Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:30pm at Denny’s Place,
15800 Brandywine Road, Brandywine, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                                          Visitors:
              Ronald Fisher                                                                           Casey Fisher
              Henry C. Turner, Jr.                                                          
              Denny Lavelle                                                             Membership Approved Excused Absences:
              Erle Ross                                                                                   Bryan Hoover
              Chris Marshall                                                                           Jeremy Foster
              Dan Dorrance                                                                            William Gash
              Bill Bush                                                                                     Ian Young
              Pamela Neal-Robinson                                                                Felix Colaciello

Convocation from Post Chaplin Chris Marshall

Update on the organization of the Post 381 Auxiliary was presented by Casey Fisher. She asked for the
Post members to assist in recruiting.

Minutes from the December and January meetings were presented by Post Adjutant Erle Ross. He
clarified procedure that the proposed minutes will be posted online and printed copies will be available
before the meetings. It will be up to the members to read the minutes ahead of time and be prepared to
correct or approve at this point in the membership meetings.
               The minutes were approved as corrected and will be posted online.

Sick Call, relief, and employment
              Felix Colaciello’s son is in the hospital
              David Billings’ sister passed
              Henry Turner’s mother fell and broke her hip

Committee Reports
              Finance Committee report given by Bill Bush. Motion to accept this report was , seconded and approved.

Old Business:
              Ron Fisher reported that 10 people had paid so far to attend the National Commander’s Banquet
at Post 82 on March 9. More reservations will be accepted.
              Henry Turner reported that all DD214’s need for the charter members have been received and
verified. Next month the membership will consider Oliver, Glads and Harate for membership. Their DD-
214’s have been verified and dues paid.
              A safe deposit box to store the commander and adjutant’s DD214’s and other necessary
documents has been rented.
              Adopt-a-highway has been approved. Signs should be posted in about 3 weeks. It was moved,
seconded and approved to put Denny Place on the signs.
              Constitution and Bylaws were approved as amended.
              The proper use of the Post name was described. The American Legion, Warffemius-Seidler Post
381, Baden-Brandywine, MD is the full name. When using Warffemius-Seidler, it should always be
followed by either a comma, or move to the next line to use “Post 381”. When using the city pair
“Baden-Brandywine”, always included “Maryland” or “MD”.
              Ron’s Mobile gifted to the Post 2 years’ use of the Post web site and emails. Two new sponsors
were added to the Post web site.
              The corrected sponsorship letter from the NAACP was received.

New Business:
              Pamela Neal-Robinson was appointed to chair the Children and Youth Committee.
              Felix Colaciello and Denny Lavallee were added to the Finance Committee.
              Ron Fisher announced the Southern Maryland Oyster Bowl on February 23, and encouraged
everyone to attend.
              There will be a reception hosted by the Southern Maryland Division honoring past commanders.
Subject tabled.
               Denny announced he was having a special “ribs night” this Thursday, February 21. Profits will be
donated to the Post.
               Ron Fisher updated the process for the Post to have its own EIN, and that the Post will be a
501(c)(19) not-for-profit organization.
               All Charter Members who had not previously been sworn into The American Legion was sworn

Adjourn: Moved, Seconded and passed to adjourn.

Benediction given by Post Chaplain Chris Marshall.

Next meeting will be March 18, 2013, and 7:30pm, same location.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Erle Ross                                                                                             Ronald Fisher
Adjutant                                                                                              Commander

Dec Min

                                                                    Small color emblem
                                                          Post 381
                                                            Monday, December 17, 2012

The prospective charter meeting opened at 7:02pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road,
Brandywine, MD by acting Commander, Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                             Visitors:
              Bryan Hoover
              Ron Fisher                                                           
              Denny Lavelle
              Erle Ross
              Chris Marshall
              Dan Dorrance
              Bill Bush
              Jeremy Foster

Convocation from acting Chaplin, Chris Marshall

Minutes from the charter organization meeting was presented

Old Business:
              Regular/monthly meetings of the Post will be the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm.
              Adopt-a-Highway: Denny Lavallee will ensure 4 signs on Maryland Highway 381 are posted.
              Acting officer list was reviewed for submission to National for our charter.
              Post name: Bryan Hoover met with Seidler family. Recommends a single point-of-contact
                     between our Post and the families.
              Jeremy Foster met with Warffemius family. The son is honored and anxious to get involved with
                     the SAL.
              VFD: Bryan Hoover and Ron Fisher met with the Baden VFD for sponsorship.
              DD214: All the DD214’s for the charter members have been received and will be kept in a safe
                     deposit box.
              Officer Books: They’ll arrive in conjunction with the charter approval. Post copies will be signed
                     out when borrowed. All should be available online as a PDF.
              Legion tenants: Ron reiterated the 4 pillars of the Legion as the foundation of our Post.
              Charter Application: Ron provided copies of all the paperwork submitted for charter approval.
              Boy Scouts of America: Ron talked about sponsoring a local BSA troup.
              MD Department news: Tom Davis is stepping down from the state Adjutant position.
                            Requirements for Commander: a.) physically attend 10 meetings in the past year; b.)
                                    member of this Post at least 1 year.
                              Installation of Officers will take place 30 days after elections
                             Executive Committee will consist of 4 appointed and 1 elected members for 2 year
                             Adjutant is appointed by the Commander with no term limit. When a new Adjutant is
appointed, there will be a 60 overlap between the appointment of the new and release of the old
Adjutants for transfer of books and duties.

New Business:
              Ron distributed copies of Legion membership times to assist in recruiting.
              American Legion Riders (ALR): Dan Dorrance give ALR info to start a local club. Bill Gash
                    volunteered to assist.
              Sons of the American Legion (SAL): Bill Bush inquired to establishing a local SAL. Postponed.
              Membership applications: Still need a few charter members to complete theirs.
              Website needs: Fund raising, as we need $300 quickly for work already done for our website.
              Permanent Officer Installation:  When will it occur? No definite time given.
              Prospective & Transferring members: Dan said a committee has to meet with the prospective
member twice. Prospective members can meet with the current members at the dinner just prior to the
meeting, but doesn’t count as meeting with the committee.

Adjourn: Bill Bush moved to adjourn. Seconded.

Benediction given by Chris Marshall

Next meeting will be January 21, 2013, and 7:30pm, same location.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm .

Respectfully submitted;

/signed/                                                                            /signed/
Erle Ross                                                                        Ronald Fisher
Acting Adjutant                                                           Acting Commander

Jan Min

                                                                      Small color emblem
                                                            Post 381
                                                                      Approved Minutes
                                                                 Monday, January 21, 2013

The installation of officers commenced at 7:30pm at Denny’s Place, 15800 Brandywine Road,
Brandywine, MD by Southern Maryland District Commander Patricia McCoy.

A quorum being met by the following
members in attendance:                                                               Visitors:
              Pamela Neal-Robinson                                              Pat McCoy
              Bob Ross                                                                  Stan Shaw
              Bill Bush                                                                    Bill Rustmann
              Gary Wells                                                                Jim Corkery
              Ronald Fisher                                                            Tom Carlman
              Henry Turner                                                            Arlene Rustmann
              Dennis Lavallee                                                         Gary Gifford
              Jeremy Foster                                                           Winifred Turner
              William Gash                                                             Bernie Wooden
              Chris Marshall                                                          Todd Bohnemson
              Felix Colaciello                                                         Ellen Foster
              Daniel Dorrance                                                       Wendell Warffermius
                                                                                              Connie Boswell
                                                                                               Jaclyn Boswell

Convocation from Chaplain, Chris Marshall

Installation of officers

Meeting adjourned at 2005.

Respectfully submitted;

/signed/                                                                                  /signed/
Erle Ross, Adjutant                                                          Ronald F. Fisher, Commander
Post 381                                                                          Post 381