Wednesday, September 19, 2018

August 2018 Minutes

Post 381
August 20, 2018 

The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 membership meeting opened at 7:47 pm
at the Post Annex, 9413 Midland Turn, Upper Marlboro, MD by Post Commander Ron Fisher.

A quorum being met by the following members in attendance or excused absences: 
Officers of Post 381
                                           Commander                Ronald Fisher         
                               1st Vice Commander   Henry Turner          
                               2nd Vice Commander  Bryan Hoover         
                               3rd Vice Commander  Tyrone Eugene        
                               Adjutant                     Erle Ross                  
                               Judge Advocate          Matthew Reichers
                                           Finance                      Pamela Neal-Robinson
                                           Chaplain                     Chris Marshall
                                           Sergeant-At-Arms        Daniel Dorrance II
                                           Historian                     Felix Colaciello
                                           Service Officer            Sherry Miller

Members of Post 381
Aaron Ajani                                Lynda Hart                               Stephen Woodruff
Steve Armstrong                        John Krupp                               Ian Young           
Jeremy Bungard                         Katelyn Moyers                                
Noah Call-Boyce                         Bob Ross                                             
Jacob Chapman                         Jennifer Syler                                    
Meghan Feerick                          Langston Turner                              
Patrick Giger                              Gary Wells
Invocation from Post Chaplain Chris Marshall

Minutes from the previous meeting were presented and approved.

Swearing In:
·         Cmd. Fisher swore in Matt Reichers as the new Judge Advocate (J.A.) for American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381 – Congratulations Matt!

·         Post 381 Financials were read and approved.
·         Annex Financials were read and approved.
o   1st Vice Commander Henry Turner to start paperwork for monies to finish the 50 x 60 building project.

New Business: 

·         NAACP Local, State and National were having a golf tournament but due to weather, the tournament was postponed to a future date.  Cmd. Fisher will ask the NAACP to reschedule their tournament at the Marlton Golf Course as a partnership with Marlton and American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381.  1st Vice Turner and Post Member Lynda Hart both agreed with comments.
·         Paint was donated by Home Depot in efforts to paint strips on the Marlton’s parking lot. Motion was carried and approved to write a check from The American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381s account in the amount of $200 to paint.
o   1st Vice Turner noted Sept. 21 and 22 isn’t available for painting due to an event already scheduled.
·         Wilmar’s Park: The Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) and the Historical Preservation Committee are evaluating Park and Planning and Post 381’s paperwork. 
o   J.A. Reichers gave an update of the conversation with the Historical Preservation Committee to put in a pistol and archery range in our lease. Also, we have permission from Park and Planning to hunt with bows only.
o   Motion was carried and approved to ask MEDCO to include turkey shoot and rifle range.  Also, J.A. Reichers will find out if adding the turkey shoot and pistol range will slow the process down.  If this will slow down the process, he will not ask.
·         The Historical Preservation Committee is asking for a report on the one-year anniversary of the progress of Wilmar’s Park and Post 381.
·         On Thursday, August 23, 2018 Mr. Evan Money will put monies into American Legion Warffemius-Seidler Post 381’s account for the use of Wilmar’s Park.  Cmd. Fisher will postpone this meeting until Finance Officer Pam Neal-Robinson is back in town, August 30 or later.
·         Chaplain Marshall will go to Air Ground Tech School in May 2019 for 6 months - Congratulations Chris! 

Benediction was given by Chaplain Marshall

Adjourn: MSP to adjourn at 8:32pm.

Next Meeting:
Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7:30pm
Post 381 Annex (Marlton Club House)
9413 Midland Turn, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Erle Ross                                                                                              Ronald F. Fisher
Post 381 Adjutant                                                                            Post 381 Commander